The desktop application which provides our user privilege to monitor their solar lights remotely using our dedicated webservers. Our user can log in to our website to monitor the position and the status of their solar light.


Once a solar light is added under a customer’s name and it is activated, then its live data can be seen on the website in the tracking portal. All the installed & activated solar lights under one customer’s ID can be monitored collectively and separately.


Error Report keeps the records of malfunctioning of the devices up to 3-6months. In order to check the malfunctioning of the activated solar lights, just enter the details of the customer in the tracking portal, the history of all the malfunctioned lights along their tenure of being malfunctioned can be seen. This data can be exported by using the Export Data button, the export file format is in Microsoft Excel (.csv), so the customer has the privilege to make a hard copy of its recorded database.


All activated lights are sending data to the website. In case of malfunction, the device stops sending data to the server and be seen under Error Alert. All the installed & activated solar lights can be monitored by their assigned unique solar ID.

GSM/GPRS Services

GSM (Global System for Mobile) is the most popular cell phone standard and is used internationally. While, the GPRS core network is the central part of the GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) which allows 2G, 3G, 4G & 5G mobile networks to transmit IP packets to external networks such as the Internet. The GPRS system is an integrated part of the GSM network switching subsystem. COMDELTATechnologies is using GPRS services to get information about their SMART SolarAviation Obstruction Lights to a web-based Centralized management system.

GPS Synchronization

COMDELTATechnologies is using GPS (Global Positioning System) clock to synchronize the flashing of their lights.

LoRa Communication System

LoRa is a ‘Long Range’ low power wireless standard intended for providing a cellular style low data rate communications network over long range up to 15 to 20Km. LoRa(short for long range) is a spread spectrum modulation technique derived from chirp spread spectrum (CSS) technology.